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Experienced Soil Scientist in Fauquier County, VA

When you need an expert soil scientist to accurately guide your development decisions, Clear Horizon Soil should be your clear choice. Since 1988, we continue to provide on-site soil evaluations, alternative sewer and septic system planning and inspections, and service water management to Virginia homeowners and land developers. We are confident our reputation for transparency and quality, we can help you meet your objectives.
Industrial Excavator Loading Soil Material - Septic Installation in St. Remington, VA

You Need a Soil Scientist When…

Pre-Development. If you are planning to build your dream home in Rural Virginia or you are planning a housing subdivision development or commercial property, you need our services. You will need to know where to build and if you can install a conventional or nonconventional septic system that meets the needs of all occupants. As a license Onsite Soil Evaluator and Alternative Onsite Sewage Evaluator, we provide the solutions you need.

Post-Development. If you are planning to expand your current home or are experiencing issues with your current septic system, you need our services. Clear Horizon Soil can uncover any vulnerability in your septic and/or drain field system to make you aware of all your options.

Sewage Contract Consultant

As a developer or future dream home owner, you will need unbiased expertise in understanding the possibilities of your property. Consult with us to get an all-encompassing team of surveyors, engineers, installation contractors and inspectors. Contact us today for your estimate.